Turbine Base

The base that we are using is constructed from 2 inch steel plumbing attached to a steel base. There are three guy-wires that are used to stabilize system. The electrical lines and braking system will go down through the middle and come out the Tee fitting on the bottom. More pictures and details coming soon, almost finished.

Tyler is welding in a hook and pulley for the braking system.

The metal inside was fairly rusty but he managed to get some good penetration.
Next up was to fabricate a simple foot pedal.

The pedal was then mounted to a hinge with a grease fitting. There will be a travel limiting stopper put in some where and probably a return spring in addition to the one found inside the brake caliper.

Works Perfectly, even after fishing 20ft of cable through it still kept to the pulley.

Andrew is honing in his milling skills.

The is a part for the braking system which enables tension to remain in the cable system while allowing it to rotate as much as it wants.

Chris Morales is cutting out an adapter plate for the rotating plate that is between the turbine base and housing.

An alternative to drilling holes and using a scroll saw to cut out a circle is to punch it out.

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