Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Progress So Far

This project was brought to us by Chris Harrell who saw this video:

William Kamkwamba on building a windmill

The idea was immediately a hit because the process of making it would span across many disciplines of science and engineering. The blades and vane are made from carefully shaped insulation foam wrapped in a layer of unidirectional carbon fiber. The base and generator housing are mainly steel pipe and angle iron which has to be cut and welded together. The drive-train and adapters are made of aluminum stock machined to fit everything together.

We showed our wind turbine in the Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival April 21st-22nd, visit http://sbearthday.org/ for more information.

Participating Members:
  • Andrew Bache
  • Bryan Ennis
  • Chris Harrell
  • Chris Morales 
  • Colin Mortorana
  • Erik Sheldon 
  • John Husbands
  • Karla Penney
  • Kevin Baragona
  • Kyle Lane-Wollert
  • Melika Rahimi
  • Michael Tishchenko
  • Payton Gordon
  • Sam Haycox
  • Spencer Wass
  • Tyler Anderson
Special Thanks To Jeff Elings for allowing us the use of his machine shop.
If you are not on this list and feel you should be please email sbccengineering@gmail.com

Depressingly low wind conditions around SBCC
Crew Members:

Tyler Anderson

Chris Harrel
Yuri Dubler
Sam Haycox
Kevin Baragona
Bridgette Burrows
Spencer Wass and Andrew Bache
Erik Sheldon

John Husbands

Melika Rahimi

Bryan Ennis

Karla Penney


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